Welcome to Nelson Park!

Nelson Park is located in the beautiful town of Longmont Colorado. We are a close community that values great neighbors and a positive environment. Our HOA was designed to keep up with general maintance around the community and provide neighborly services. The HOA strives to keep a minimal foot print on our lives and provides many resource for neighbors.


Nelson Park HOA provides all documentation on-line for a variety of uses. If you cannot find the documents you are looking for, please contact our management compnay PML for further assistance: (303) 772-5934

Nelson Park HOA Documents: Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Association provides full disclosure on all aspects of it’s business. If you have a question that is NOT covered in the lists below, please contact PML: (303) 772-5934

Q. Who Manages the Nelson Park Home Owners Association?

The management of the HOA is contracted through Property Management of Longmont (PML).

Q. Is the entire neighborhood part of the association?

No. There are approximately 156 homes in the neighborhood. Only 123 are a part of the association due to an issue with the subdivision developer.

Q. Who are the Board or Directors?

The Board is currently made up of four to five members, who are home owners and reside in the neighborhood.

Q. Who do I contact regarding book keeping?

For all questions regarding book keeping, please contact PML at (303) 772-5934

Q. Who is responsible for Snow Removal?

Snow removal is provided through a contract with a local landscape company and is removed for your convenience along Nelson Road, Fordham Rd. the emergency access to Fordham from Bluegrass Dr. and the two walk ways to the park. Additional snow removal is supplied for the bus stop near the detention pond. All other walks are the responsibility of the individual homeowners. City Code requires snow to be removed within 24 hours after the snow has fallen.

Q. What happens if I don’t pay my assessments?

The Association sends out bills each quarter to members for payment. We do have a policy for enforcement of nonpayment of your assessment. This can be found on the documents page. The enforcement is always subject to the Boards approval. The Board attempts to work with members rather than using late fees or other forms of enforcement. If you need assistance please contact us so we can work through any problems. Prompt payment assists is appreciated.

Q. Can I park my RV or boat at my home?

The Associations covenants allow the parking of an RV or boat at your residence for 72 hours. This follows City of Longmont Code. Up to a week of parking for visiting friends will be allowed with prior approval from the Association. Boats, trailers or other large items are not allowed to be stored on the street, in the drive way or next to homes.

Q. What’s the story on fences?

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the fence around their home. The Association will only maintain the fence around the detention pond. Many homeowner policies cover storm damage to fences. Fences should be repaired in a timely manner.

Q. Can we have snow removal include the streets and sidewalks?

Sidewalks are the home owners responsibility. Streets are the property of Longmont and the Association can not contract for snow removal on other property. Longmont does provide a complex and costly process for Associations and neighborhoods to remove snow from the streets, however, the requirements are cost prohibitive and would exceed our annual budget, which would translate to higher assessments.

Q. What are the Bylaws?

The Bylaws are the guidelines for the operation of the non-profit corporation. The Bylaws define the duties of the various offices of the Board of Directors, the terms of the Directors, the membership’s voting rights, required meetings and notices of meetings, and the principal office of the Association, as well as other specific items that are necessary to run the Association as a business. The Bylaws for the Association may be viewed online under documents section.

Q. If I am having a problem with a neighbor regarding a Policy or Guideline violation, what can I do?

If residents cannot resolve a situation between themselves, then turn to the Association. Should you have a situation that does not appear to be resolved through neighborly means, and you are willing to actively participate in the enforcement provided by the Policies and Guidelines, you may contact PML directly, who will review the violation and work with the Homeowner to resolve the violation. If it can not be resolved the Association may take action under our Policy Enforcement section. This may be found on our documents section.

Q. Are Board Meetings open to all residents? If so, when and where are they held?

Board meetings will be posted on this Website. Additionally signs will be posted at our Nelson Road entrance as well as the Fordham entrance. All homeowners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Our annual meeting is held in the month of September and our budget ratification meeting is held in late November or early December.

Q. If I want to serve on the board or a committee, how can I get involved?

If a Homeowner wishes to get involved, please attend a meeting to get acquainted and let the Board know of your wish to serve. We encourage membership participation. The ONLY criteria is to be an Association Member in good standing.

Q. I would like to add a deck, change my landscaping or add a sun room to my home. What are the Association Requirements?

Changing your landscaping or adding a deck does not require a Design Review Form. Adding a window, painting or changing the structure of your home does. If you have question or need a form please fill in the form request electronically or forms may be down loaded from the forms page.

Q. Am I required to water and keep my lawn free of weeds?

City Code requires that lawns or home landscaping have weeds removed if they reach a height of six inches or more. Watering is encouraged, the City of Longmont Website has great ideas on when and how much to water for a healthy lawn in our climate. Landscaping enhances our homes and keeps the value at or above market value. We all benefit from well kept yards.During periods where water restrictions are imposed by the city, our inspector does not review lawn maintenance.

Q. Does the Association charge Realtors for documents when assisting a buyer or seller?

The Nelson Park HOA Website has open access for all. We do not charge for anything publicly available. Financial, by-laws, covenants and other documents can be found here. If you need ones that you don’t find please contact PML and they will work to provide with the documents you may require. Items on the Website are provided at no charge. However, if we have to ship or prepare something not available on our web site, there may be a nominal fee to cover our costs of printing & shipping.

Q. How is the amount of my assessments determined?

Assessments are set each November after the budget is prepared. However, assessments have not changed or increased in over 16 years providing our Association Members to enjoy the lowest HOA assessments on the front-range, yet keeping the entrances and common property well maintained.


Nelson Park is managed by Property Management of Longmont (PML). All dues should be made payable to Nelson Park or PML Inc. Payments may be made by mail or in person at 1155 South Main Street, Longmont, CO 80501. PML office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. PML has a drop slot to the right of the front door where payments can be dropped off after hours or on Saturday & Sunday. Please notate your property address on checks or banks drafts sent as payment

PML is able to accept payments online. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please send an email to lauren@pmlinc.net. Within 10 business days you will receive an email with login instructions. For more information on PML or questions, please contact them at (303) 772-5934 or http://www.pmlinc.net/


Please direct all questions and external maintenance problems to PML at (303) 772-5934. In the case of an after hour's emergency call PML ext. 19 and follow the voicemail instructions including writing down the pager phone number. Be certain to leave your name, address, phone number and nature of the emergency on the voice mail. The next step is to call the pager os the person "on call" is notified of the emergency. If you do not leave a phone number or fail to call the pager PML will be unable to respond. For police or fire emergencies please call 911 or Longmont Dispatch at (303) 651-8555.